Amaia Salamanca “I am 35 years old but I feel very old”

The actress Amaia Salamanca

Amaia Salamanca “I am 35 years old but I feel very old”

The actress – known for ‘Without tits there is no paradise’ – assures that, in the cinema, she gives the look of a person of 40, when she still has five years to go to have them

The actress Amaia Salamanca
The actress Amaia Salamanca

Since her debut, in SMS -in 2006-, the Madrid-born Amaia Salamanca (35) has risen as one of the most sought-after actresses on the Spanish scene. He has been in important series such as Without tits there is no paradise , Velvet and Gran Hotel , in addition to participating in films such as I leave it whenever I want and What do you play? , where he has always played young people with a lot of personality. However, Salamanca claims that he no longer feels so young. On the contrary, at 35 she says she looks “very old”, due to her supposed appearance as a mature woman. “I’m supposed to look 40 and I’m not 40 yet,” he told LOC from the 50th Sunglass Hut celebration.


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Despite the pandemic, she has been very active in the workplace. What projects are you with?
I ‘ve been very lucky. It was to finish the confinement and I immediately started filming Por los pelos , which opens in October. Hence, a series for Movistar, called Everyone lies , and hence Welcome to Eden . A series for Netflix, which I finished last week.
At Bienvenidos a Edén he works with many young artists. Among them, Ana Mena, Belinda and Begoña Vargas. How does it feel to work with this new generation of actresses?
It has been wonderful. We have been in Lanzarote, in Teruel, in Barcelona and everything in a bubble, where they did PCRs and antigen tests all the time. It has been like a big brother, but living with them has been a good experience. Although I did not know if it was close to their age, because they are all 20 or 25, but we have done great. I felt very like them, but then it was like “Amaia, you have to go back to your life as a mother, you have to make that change.”
Why do you talk like you are a very old person? If he’s only 35!
Because I am so old! (Laughs) I’m 35, but what do I know? It is that I feel very old sometimes.
Regarding this issue, Maribel Verdú recently said that she felt a kind of pressure to grow old on the screen, that actresses are afraid of losing jobs for adding years. Have you had such an experience?
I completely agree with Maribel. She says she was always afraid that it was her last project, that they wouldn’t call her anymore. And if she has that fear, that she is one of the greatest actresses in this country, imagine the others! I just said that in the Netflix project I am one of the oldest and in the movie I just made I assume that I have an 18-year-old daughter … Because I am supposed to give the look of a 40-year-old and I don’t have 40 yet. So what is supposed to be? What do 50’s give a 60’s look? This is how everything is stipulated …
Let’s also talk about her role as a mother. What was it like going through confinement with three children?
I can not complain. I am a lucky person who has a garden! In addition, I think that this confinement, in the end, has also brought us good things. How to spend more time with the family. To see how far patience goes, to see how far love and affection go.
And did you learn any vital lessons during the confinement?
Yes, you have to live and enjoy life, family and friends because we do not know when a pandemic can come and make us go through different emotions: sadness, joy, crying and instability.
However, despite these mood swings, the love he feels for his partner Rosauro Varo has not changed. Tell us, are you proud that your boyfriend has been signed as the new director of Acciona Energía?
I have always felt super proud of him and that in his profession he is acquiring more and more important positions. I like it, because he is happy. He is a very hard-working person and I am happy that everything is going well.
And with your shootings and Rosauro’s work at Acciona, do you want to continue living in Marbella or do you plan to move to Madrid?
In fact, now we have been in Madrid, for the filming of Netflix. It is that connections are always easier from Madrid … So I think we will live here.

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