The clown is so looking for love
And at least a little warmth
The clown is afraid of love
Wears a hat
But he is in thorns
The clown so wants to be friends
Only something is wrong with him
The clown bitterly stings
It hurts in the chest
Again refusal

[Verse 1] I got dissed by a clown (I got dissed by a clown)
Can I pass by? (I got dissed by a clown)
I got dissed by a clown (Clown, clown, clown, clown)
What should I do with him? (What should I do with him, epta?)
I would simply ignore the jester
But this clown is somehow too serious
Wants to be cooler, the clingy clown
Evil annoying thorn

[Bridge] The ugly year hobbles into the sunset knee-deep in blood
My business is to entertain you with trifles during the war
And what is more trifling than the fragile ego of an artist? Do n’t drive a
jester to suicide . _ _ diss is a love letter to Morgen-Stan

Pure mashups
Golden quotes
Alya, you compose everything
I didn’t pull your pigtails, I don’t like you
You want it back so much, but fuck them
Another dreadful collective farmer?
They have a shaman
“Dickhead, penis, dick” is a hit, no doubt
But where have you been for eight years?
But charisma was not enough to portray me
You are a satire on Satyr
Don’t read
anymore plz Fuck, of course my beats hurt you You’re fucked
on Oxxxymiron type beats
Explain to your fucking kids
How you called me to Legendary Dust
To Million Dollar, to 12, to Last One
And every time I got rejected, I hated
Because you need Mark to make marketing

I’m the new Pusha T, to hell with Six Six
Morgenstern untwisted on the chain
Too bad the morning stars are fading fast

[Verse 3] Let’s talk about personality
Bass – Teipa, flow – Skripa, what is it, style?
Early FACE squared – the whole square face
They told you: “Be yourself!”
And you’re like, “OK, where’s the reference?”
Because of the fact that you
have a shiz
If the idol does not accept – this is a reason for diss

And dad too: your dad is Kizaru
Charts are everything, back to EasyRap
You pathetic Zip-archive: copy you
Means copy everyone (Eh)
Original MC
Voice so rare
People believe you were on the vox in The Dirt
Alya for wide trousers was spread rot by the elders
Respect for the elders to earn became a fixed idea
So how? Did everything work out well?
Feduk won’t fit with you
even if he becomes a bum
Timati, AK-47 – yes, respect!
All that the drug addict got was just coca and soda

It ‘s harvest time[Verse 4] Let’s talk about your loneliness
No one around, leaves fall into the pool Hundreds of
phone numbers, but still not the same It ‘s easy
to be a friend, no one sets an example

And be careful: your new loved ones are narrow-minded

[Verse 5] A bright memory, but remember
What you told Gordon about your father
take alcohol and companions separately
Your love tried to protect you The
Kents divorced you as soon as you divorced
Plot twist: she sees disrespect
So she made the right decision, Alisher – on the contrary
I don’t get into your personal life, you throw it out
Attention will end – you will die in front of the cameras
In my opinion, star disease from home
After all, your Ma does not believe in you, but believes in humanoids
And about the lyrical heroes
Mulder and Scully reported
That the little man still does not jump from asteroids
Fake smile under the nails
Ghostrayers, veneers, you’re just
a shell
And narcissistic handjob
Always bare-chested, you’re obsessed
with Epta, Calvin Klein
And you’re “synonymous with fashion”
But you wear Philipp Plein
Fucking shame: putting on the master’s watch, the
Ufa groom puffed up his mustache
Yes, every third diss me here
Plus the first and second.
It’s just that I answered a long time ago.
There are only three of you.
If I hurt you
In a transformer , get together
And fuck

[Skeet: Morgenshtern] “Myron is a very cool man”

[Verse 6] Let’s talk about our popularity
I’m afraid you started the topic in a vulnerable position
There’s no pain for me
I’m grateful for any numbers
But mine are so fucking awesome
kind of a superstar do you want To
compete with someone who kicked dick for five years?
Your latest success is a double album
I saw through everything – it’s a double bottom
Business went bankrupt, Happiness is gone
In the ass for a couple of months, like on a mefe
My third at Apple, bitch, almost a year in the top 10
Just me and Bandana
No, you’re among the best friends too
Because your rap is “White Noise for Kids”
What happened?
All OK so wanted party and gold?
Marketer Memorial Day
Be with the Kremlin, say: “The statistics are lying
. This is not a fall, this is a negative rise!”
You were asked about a naked photo, you
explained in an interview that under cocaine everything became small
If they ask: “How did the numbers fall?” – say:
“Yes, you have not seen my streams in a standing state!”
What are you down?
Everything will fly around The
question – what remains when the peak is passed
Insta-female rejected, soon you will be denied a fit Arut
Diss has collected more for me than “Sheikh”
You lost your scent
The clown thought about his legacy
So here it is: “Faggots fucking on your bed!”
Meaningful, fuck it!
This is Slavic literature.
Sorry, you can’t go far on cars alone
Your clip and “OYDA” – on the same day.
By the way, by the way, what are the views?
I overtook the Bugatti
on a scooter
In the shit, because Morgen under the sole
Survived three eras, how long will you survive?

[Skeet: Dilara] “Tracks stopped staying on the charts for so long –
And that’s it, a person’s life seems to have ended …
Sometimes it seems to me that Alisher is simply no more
And it hurts a lot to bury a person who is still alive”

[Part III]

[Verse 7] I
tried not to give in for a long time, clown
Che are you tense? It’s just bullshit
Don’t be serious, fool, smile this is posting!
Freshmen or forgotten – Lil Pump, Smokepurpp
Or Buried – Pop Smoke, Juice Wrld
So choose who is more important
The two will not survive
Ordinary Alisher
Or the legendary Morgenstern?
At least a chance for love and freedom from the grid
Or a triumphant return – posthumously
Pills, a webcam and a screen and blood on a napkin
I came to free little Alisherka!
Togo, before Botox, Dubai, Kremlin envelopes
Attention Deficit, memes, pranks and cakes
Thank you, I dined kosher
Remember you ate your grandfather?
Grandpa ate Morgenstern today

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